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Massage is NOT just a luxury. It is medicine for healthier living.
Let me help you and your body function more as they should.


With my focused attention and slow, intentional touch, my therapeutic bodywork provides deep relaxation, relief from physical and mental stress, greater body awareness, and improved musculoskeletal function.

My experience and education allow me to provide each client with a unique healing experience tailored to their own needs. I use primarily Esalen Massage, Deep Bodywork, and Reiki with listening, intuition, presence, and focused attention to support the body in self-awareness and achieve greater ease of movement, balance, reduced pain, and improved general health and wellness. My massages are relaxing and therapeutic, and generally include long flowing strokes, rocking, movement, etc., and are influenced by Thai massage, Spinal Awareness/Feldenkrais, Trager Therapy, Body Mind Centering, a lifetime of wonderful and challenging experiences in my own body, a lifetime of sharing touch and massage, and my focused practice over the last 5 years.

*Stress relief: for improved general health, better sleep, etc.
*Back pain

*Limited range-of-motion
*Restricted breathing
*Postural imbalances: feet, knees, pelvis, shoulders, head forward, etc.
*Nerve impingement: thoracic outlet syndrome, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome
*Tempero-mandibular joint syndrome/dysfunction
*Chronic tension and pain
*Pain syndromes
*Work with adults and children
*Difficult cases

I provide out-call massage in the SF Bay area. I work on a temporary and occasional basis at various massage centers, resorts, medical offices, hospitals, sporting events, retreats, etc. And, available to travel with groups/teams/families on land and at sea—domestic and international.


I'm looking forward to working with you.

  Natasha  :-)


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