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Masks and Proof of COVID19 VACCINATION is still required for entry into our facility. Please download your proof or on your state's website. Booster dose within the last year is required for all TMJ, mouth, neck work where removal of mask may be needed.

Temporarily not accepting new clients.

Marina Village Massage Therapy provides therapeutic massage for both general wellness and to meet specific health needs. This is complementary health care.  You may notice that the office, documentation/intake, our concern for your safety and wellness, and the overall quality of care  is very different from a spa or typical massage facility. You also don't need to tip. Really!


See Health and Safety Protocols



You are unique, and your massage should be, also.

As with all medicine and self-care, your active participation improves your outcome. This is true for relaxation as well as addressing the biological, psychological, and social aspects of body function and healing. 

At each and every appointment you will receive my full focus and attention. We will consider your medical history, what is important to you, plus your needs and how you are doing at each appointment. We will agree on a basic plan for the session. And, we will communicate during your session to ensure that we are addressing your concerns, and meeting your needs. I can point out muscles and other body tissues, and explain what we are doing and why. I may discuss what to expect after your session and have movement practices or other tips to help you after you leave the office. I always want you to get the most out of our work together. 

Don't worry, if you need the quiet time to experience the work and relax, we will definitely do that, too. That is also a healing experience both physically and emotionally.


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